Freitag, 26. August 2016

IAST #159 and a lovely ZIA stone

The last three weeks after my summer holidays I have been very busy and so I did not have many time for tangling. I am very glad that it is friday afternoon and I am awaiting a (hopefully) relaxing weekend with some time to realize some of my ideas and to draw some tiles.
For more than one week I have not drawn anything and so I was very motivated and begun my weekend with Adele Brunos IAST challenge.
Adeles string is fantastic as well as the tangles she chose : Printemps (original Zentangle), Partay (Margaret Bremner) and Palrevo (Karry Heun)

Some weeks ago I tangeled on a grey stone which I found at the Welsh coast where I  have been some years ago.
The stone has some plain white  texture which appears like a natural string. I love the result. I took the stone to my office and put it on my desk in front of my computer - so I have a reminder to beautiful holidays and to my beloved hobby when I look at it: 

Donnerstag, 18. August 2016

Joeys Weekly Tangle Challenge #126

What a nice idea! Inspired by the actual trend of the Travelling Tiles this week Joey  started a challenge series "Finish my tile"
She started with a white tile and some Paradox:

I decided to finish this tile as a Monotangle, playing with Paradox:

I am looking forward to see all the other contributions and the different possibilities to complete Joeys tile 😄

Mittwoch, 17. August 2016

DIVA Challenge #280 - The Olympic Games in Rio

This week`s DIVA Challenge is dedicated to the Olympic Games in Rio de Janiero.
I thought it would be a sign of joy, peace and communication between all mankind when Christo Redentor,  the landmark of Rio, is playing with the Olympic Rings.

I wish you all successful, peaceful and fair games for your athletes!

Sonntag, 14. August 2016

Last Minute Post for Joeys Challenge #125

It is late Sunday evening and last minute I finished a quick tangle for Joeys weekly challenge.
I loved the circle strings very much and did not want to miss the last one!

Thank you, Joey, for this lovely strings, I am curious what you challenge us during the following weeks....

This week`s tangle was "Oof" . It is an original Zentangle tangle ;-)

Mittwoch, 10. August 2016

My First Travelling Tile

Wow- this is so much fun!
I LOVE the idea of travelling tiles and I am glad to share with you my first co-operation tile.
The beautiful tangle-lady Ria Mattheusen (CZT) sent me this tile, a Zendala started with Watercolour and the tangles Jetties and Diva Dance.

This tile is so lovely that I was a bit anxious to spoil it. So I admit, that I first started with a copy and tangeled on this copy. I liked the result and repeated it similarly on the original tile.
My new experience is that the first idea is the best, anyway ;-)
I added the tangles `Nzeppel Random , Verve, Arukas, Printemps, Poke Leaf and one which I don`t know the name (on the right).
This tile is the finished original Zendala tile:

Thank you very much, dear Ria, for this wonderful experience and for your beautiful paperwork- card!