Donnerstag, 20. Oktober 2016


The tile for this week`s string thing challenge I drew in my hotel room during a business trip this week after a dinner and a glass of wine with some nice colleagues.
It is so beautiful to know that you can have a calming hour also on such a trip because you need so little material for practising Zentangle in its original style...

The tangles which Adele chose this week for IAST#167 are PONIO by Mei Hua Teng CZT and WINFLO by Nadine Roller CZT. Both are new to me and I like them very much. So I had a nice evening, and now I am back home again ;-)

Montag, 17. Oktober 2016

DIVA Challenge #289 "Leafy Goodness"

Da der Rest der Woche bei mir eher ausgefüllt ist und ich kaum Zeit zum Tangeln haben werde, habe ich die Challenge sofort in Angriff genommen. Es war ein echt schöner Abend und ich gehe jetzt ganz entspannt schlafen...

Diese Woche steht die DIVA Challenge unter dem Motto "Herbstlaub".
Es ist oft ein Farbenrausch der da abgeht im Herbst .... also bin nach der Arbeit gleich auf meinen Balkon gegangen und habe ein paar Blätter vom wilden Wein aufgesammelt, der an der Wand rankt. Die Blätter legen ein dramatisches Rot auf und fallen ab... schade drum, aber nächstes Jahr werden wir sicher wieder mit der Pracht verwöhnt. Irgendwie gefällt mir dieses Kommen und Gehen der Jahreszeiten und der Jahreskreis der Natur. Danke DIVA!

This week the DIVA gave us the motto "Leafy Goodness".
Yes, this is an euphoria of colours in the autumn.... When I came home I went on my balcony and found some leaves of my wild wine plant (is that really correct??), which entwines itself at the wall.
The leaves get a dramatic red colour before they sink away... what a pity.
But next year they will come back with their beauty... I like this change of the seasons and the cycle of nature. Thank you DIVA for this inspiration!

Für dieses Tile habe ich jedes einzelne Blatt als Schablone verwendet, beginnend mit dem Vordergrund, und damit mehrere "Strings" kreiert. Anschließend habe ich die Blätter genauso arrangiert und das Foto gemacht.

For this tile I used each single leaf as a stencil , beginning in the foreground and so created some "strings". Finally, I arranged the leaves same way and took the foto.

Auf der Seite der DIVA Challenge können alle Werke von den vielen Tanglern zum Thema bestaunt werden!

Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2016

Travelling Tangles with Margaret Bremner

Last week I received a wonderful letter from Saskatoon, Canada.
Margaret Bremner sent me two fantastic tiles to finish. I have been admiring Margarets works already for a long time and was glad to see her perfect drawing style in original.
I had huge respect to draw on the original Zentangle tile which she started with three tangles, but after the first strokes I had a lot of good moments finishing this tile:
(I could not resist to add some pink dots... ;-))

The second one was an ATC tile on hemp paper. It was very interesting challenge to complete this one.

This card Margaret sent with her letter - it has been created by herself - isn't it beautiful ?
Thank you very much, Margaret, for sharing this travelling tangles project with me!
I am going to send you some tiles for finishing soon!

Freitag, 14. Oktober 2016

DIVA Challenge#288- Simply Gordgeous... and some other stuff

In honour of our thanksgiving, and because of the beginning autumn season, this week's challenge is to try the official tangle Gourdgeous.
We had a similar challenge just one year ago and it is rather interesting to compare the own tiles from the present with those a year ago. And it was a very nice reminder to a amazing event with my favourite Football Team (USA: Soccer).

I must admit that gourdgeous is not my favourite tangle but the challenges encourage us to try and practise such tangles as well. And finally, the result is not so bad, anyway...

Last week I received some samples of watercolor pigments named "brusho"  by the German CZT Anya Ipsen for some tests. (Thank you very much, Anya!) . Brusho is a powder which you dust on your paper and then spray with little water. The pigments immediately spread on the paper and create very interesting forms and colour effects.
The colours are fantastic and it is a lot of fun to watch how they are developing on the surface.
This are my first test tiles which I prepared with som Busho colours:

Zendala with Verve, Enyshou and Pokeroot

cotton-rag paper tiles
Heartswell by Helen Williams

Samstag, 8. Oktober 2016

Zentangle Inspired Nature on the North Sea Beach

My husband and I spent a wonderful week at the North Sea coast near Skagen, Denmark.
We had beautiful, mostly sunny weather, perfect sunsets and amazing views on the beach where the wind has formed stunning sculptures.
I have been so thrilled and made lots of photos. The nature cerates so many amazing patterns - it is just unbelievable!